Tuesday, March 31, 2009

this is the first...

I am new to this world and I'd like to share what I've been doing. My good friend Kylie introduced me to wonderful world of quilting almost 2 years ago and since then I haven't stopped, so to you Kylie I am eternally grateful - thank you. I won't go into detail about the last 2 years (quite frankly I don't remember and it would only bore you to tears) other than to show you the quilts I've made. I like to sew my quilts by hand, I find it relaxing after a days work in the office.

This is the first that I started in Jul07 and finished in Nov07 - this one is for the couch. The other quilts just came in order below, I can't rememer the dates.

2nd - for my little girl Ella (bells)

3rd - for my little man Filip (flip)

4th - for me, this one's not quite finished, still doing the quilting so I'll share more once it's complete.

5th - another one for my little girl

This is my current work in progress, another one for my little man - I started this one at the start of this month, this one has been very quick. Little man requested a quilt with planets & a rocket, he's right into the solar system at the moment. I've still got a bit of quilting to do and then sew on the binding.

I have made the odd soft-toy in between for the kids and friends who've had babies, a quilt for my beautiful baby nephew and the odd bag here & there.
So now I'm pretty much up to date with all things crafty.
Until next time...