Saturday, November 27, 2010

linen pouch

We were at the beach the other day and I thought I needed a little pouch to put my phone, wallet & keys in rather than take my handbag on the beach.  So here it is - a pouch for the beach.

I didn't have any trouble with the zip, I've only attempted a few :)


a little collection matched by bells, I can't believe she'll be in prep next year - where does the time go?

Sunday, November 21, 2010

a home for a new pencil

I bought a new pencil today, the green one below and it's got some different coloured leads I can interchange - at the moment it's got red, that's the favourite.  The red clutch pencil was already floating around in my handbag, I couldn't have two floating around so I whipped up this little home for them.  Linen & calico with a shell button.

Sometimes it's the small & quick things that give us pleasure, just what I needed today.  I bought a diary for next year during the week, just a small one, week to an opening - I aim to use it.  Not just for birthday's and my few appointments but for ideas, thoughts & feelings, even it's just a sentence or two, or just a few words everyday. 

That's why I needed a new pencil ;)

baby quilt - quick fix

My sister has a friend who is putting together a website to sell baby related things, she asked if I'd be interested in making a cot quilt.  Why not, it's small, I could use fabric I already have in my possession - all I had to buy was a little white/neutral and the binding (which I still have to get).  It's my first attempt at machine quilting, I think it looks ok, the lines aren't meant to be perfectly straight.  It was fun - sort of.  I can't imagine doing anything larger tough - that scares me, perhaps experience would make the prospect less daunting - a lot more experience.

There is a little drifting in the quilt, lets just say that not all the rectangles look 'square', after the binding is on I'll give it wash and see if it will be sellable.  I don't know how much 'character' is ok.

fill in the blanks

Months ago I saw this fabric in the ikea catalogue, purchased a few metres and started filling in the blanks with a range of reds, blues, greens, yellows and a touch of linen.  This will be a new quilt for Flip and it's been taking a while to fill it up.  I've been doing it on the sewing machine but I have to work with the whole top all at once, turning, turning, turning & turning all of it!  It's just under half done, I'm hoping and Flip is hoping it's not going to be another couple of months.  Whenever I sew something and he sees me I get asked "when are you going to finish my quilt mumma????"  I just need to get going - set aside a day and go for it.