Tuesday, April 26, 2011

100th post :: new quilt

a fraction over 2 years - that's how long it's taken to reach my 100th post.

This is my next project, I'm going to try and sell this one - not that I have a shop or anywhere to sell it, we'll see what happens when the time comes.  It's fabric from my stash and it's still a little way from being finished.  It has been basted with bamboo batting and a calico backing - ready for some love and hand quilting.

 some favourite linen
 a little liberty here
 & there...
 a snippet more below
 fabric that I've had for ages
 & some bicycles which were included in my very first quilt.

Friday, April 22, 2011

make a notebook

Yesterday whilst browsing my reader, I saw a tutorial from angry chicken and I thought, what a great idea for the kids. Although I didn't have card as thick as what she used, they still turned out.  I said to flip and bells do you want to make a book to draw in and they wanted to stick photos in them, so now one is for photo's and one is for drawing.  Who am I to argue...

 A little washi tape selected by each for each letter of their names.

Sunday, April 17, 2011

calico & linen :: complete

Another baby complete, this one commenced on quite a blue day back in dec 10, so this one will always have particular memories for me.  I'm happy to have finished it and I'm happy with the end result.  It's quite plain and has fabrics that I love on it - linen, double gauze (not that you can see a great deal of it in the pic) and some liberty.  I like that some of the raw edges will fray with washing, I love the feel of it.  All the quilting was done with either linen coloured or off white linen thread.

There is a bit of pulling around quite a large section of close quilting, much like some of the work I did on my collages, I don't mind - let's say it adds character and I do love the feel it gives.

Sunday, April 10, 2011

liberty :: hexagons

A new addition to my hexagon work which I started quite a while ago, it's all liberty with a cotton/linen base - there's no rush.  This is the latest liberty to my collection, so it had to be added.  It's nice to have something that I know will take years, I can add to it when a new addition comes home and it's just there for when those times come to complete a quilt.  When it's a little depressing that all that work has come to an end, work that you've loved & enjoyed.  You know that something is there waiting patiently.

There's so many new liberty fabrics out now, I think more will be coming home in the coming weeks...

doodles :: water colour

after a little inspiration from Dawn Tan I got out the water colour pencils I've had for years, I've been admiring her work after seeing her on the Harvest Textiles blog.  It would be nice to do one her classes - one day...
The drawing below is a birthday card for my brother in-law, it's a picture of the gift, a squid jig.

I have a sketch book where I write in my favourite recipes, this is one of the latest recipes - japanese eggplant with miso (very nice by the way).  A few pics have now been added to some my recipes, brightening up the pages a little.