Tuesday, June 30, 2009

a holiday & a thank you gift

We are going on a holiday next week for about a week (and I can't wait) so I thought I'd make a bag as a thank you gift (along with a bottle or 2 of wine). It's a relatives' house and they didn't want any cash for our stay. The bag is a cotton/linen blend with leather handles lined with a cotton print, a good size for the milk, bread & paper - or whatever you like.

Popped in to Mum & Dad's on the weekend and offered to help Mum out with her quilt, this is her first (after a little convincing) and she chose one that involved 60 degree angles & jelly rolls. So I've cut out 2 rolls and she seems to have come to a bit of a stand still, after several months. Mum has sewn together quite a few rows which look great, but of late - not so much. The excuses range from emailing, being on skype, watching tv and on it goes... (you know it's true Mum, love you!) I've put a couple of rows together in between my quilt, it's quite nice to do something different and I don't mind. After all, I feel a little guilty having talked her into making a quilt...

This is just a snippet of the on-going quilting. I imagine it's going to take another month or so until the quilting is finished. What to do next.....?

Sunday, June 21, 2009

it's cold and knitted items are required

It's a slow process, but every night I do a little more. I'm loving the linen thread, the randomness of the quilting and the warmth on my lap - this is such a cosy quilt. It has been rather chilly of late, not surprising since we're in winter.

Went to a Wondoflex last week, what a wool treat that was wow! wow! wow! so many beautiful wools. It makes a nice change when you have to decide on which beautiful wool to use rather than which one out of this mound of crap will I relunctantly choose. The wools chosen below are both from Italy, wools you just wouldn't find in those gigantic barns. The red scarf is complete as well as a beanie, now the order is in for 2 more beanies. Just when I thought I had fulfilled the knitting orders... They are quick knits so it's not too bad I guess, I am not however putting my hand up to make any jumpers.

Sunday, June 14, 2009

all together

I’d been eyeing off this linen thread the last few times I visited Amitie and on Friday I bought it (only $7.00), I’m going to do the quilting with it since there is quite a bit of linen in this quilt – it should go nicely.

It's all together, basted and ready for quilting. The top is about 58" square, I'm not going to do a border on this one.

100% wool batting was my choice for this quilt, it's sooooooo soft & cosy warm with a nice loft. Previously I've used 100% cotton or a cotton mix batting, I don't know if I'll be able to go back to it - maybe the cost will decide.... I would like to try bamboo batting though, I've read that it is supposed to be super soft. That may have to be ordered online as my local doesn't currently stock that one, that's going to take preparation...

For the backing I chose a nice flannel which was 50% off (this made the decision even easier). It could have been made into a nice pair of pj pants - oh well...

The binding fabric was also purchased on friday, I love it and can't wait to get to that stage. It's a medium weight cotton (I think) with a linen sort of look.