Wednesday, June 30, 2010

little pieces or fabric favourites

Just for something to do...
I have started sewing on little pieces of favourite fabrics onto this linen placemat I got for a couple of dollars last year sometime. What is it for? I do not know but I do like to look at it and it's fun to do. There are Liberty fabrics approaching from the right - just a couple more of those to go, and linens etc. from the left.

I'm using a mix of these linen threads:-

p.s. I have finished the scrappy quilt, just haven't taken any pics of it yet - will share soon.

Monday, June 21, 2010

new shoes

Ordinarily I wouldn't post about new shoes but I love these so much. I had decided to buy some boots last week, anyway after trying on around 10 pairs I came to the realisation that boots look silly on me, ridiculous in fact. I walked out of the boot shop and saw these - I couldn't walk past them.

If you were to look in my current shoe box you would see that they are all black, black, black - even my thongs, I have finally branched out with a little colour - I may just wear these everywhere. (For anyone interested they are Footprints by Birkenstock - Boavista).

Monday, June 7, 2010

a visit to tessuti

Thursday & Friday last week I was in the city for some training for work at the Spencer Street end on Collins Street. Friday I thought I must go and have a look in Tessuti which is up the other end of town in Flinders Lane. I was very limited for time so I jumped on a tram and had a very quick browse, some beautiful fabrics can be found there. I bought a little of the fabric below and some bias binding in the green with white dots. I was thinking this could be a nice skirt for bells, with the trim around the bottom of the hem.

I used just a little and added it to bells' jeans, just to pretty them up a little around the cuff/hem.

I had seen online that Tessuti sold quite a range of Japanese pettern books, it wasn't until later that night that I remembered, I didn't see them while I was there, but then again I wasn't looking for them either - oh well next time... I felt so pressured for time that there was no time for a relaxed browse. I have to go back next week for 3 more days of training, so maybe then I'll get the chance - maybe the instructor will give us an extended lunch......I doubt it.

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

old treasures

About a month ago hubby's uncle passed away at 99, a grand old age. Hubby was offered to come to the house and take some old tools that belonged to his uncle. Along with those he also got a bunch of old tins that were filled with nails and screws, I have cleaned up a few and they now house string, bits & pieces and other bits & pieces.

There were also a few old wooden rulers and a retractable tape measure in inches which is now in my sewing desk.

and these old cases that have bits & pieces in them, including some great old locks, I was thinking they could be set into some wooden furniture.....

binding is on

The binding is on, it's from the Rounneries by French General range - lots of lovely fabric in the range. Still a bit of quilting to go, once it's all finished I'll take a pic of the whole quilt. I wanted to use the same binding as I used on the previous scrappy quilt but I wasn't able to obtain anymore from either of my locals (no surprise really, that was a while ago). I have a little left in my stash, I'll save it for another special project.