Monday, June 7, 2010

a visit to tessuti

Thursday & Friday last week I was in the city for some training for work at the Spencer Street end on Collins Street. Friday I thought I must go and have a look in Tessuti which is up the other end of town in Flinders Lane. I was very limited for time so I jumped on a tram and had a very quick browse, some beautiful fabrics can be found there. I bought a little of the fabric below and some bias binding in the green with white dots. I was thinking this could be a nice skirt for bells, with the trim around the bottom of the hem.

I used just a little and added it to bells' jeans, just to pretty them up a little around the cuff/hem.

I had seen online that Tessuti sold quite a range of Japanese pettern books, it wasn't until later that night that I remembered, I didn't see them while I was there, but then again I wasn't looking for them either - oh well next time... I felt so pressured for time that there was no time for a relaxed browse. I have to go back next week for 3 more days of training, so maybe then I'll get the chance - maybe the instructor will give us an extended lunch......I doubt it.

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  1. Love the fabrics! Sounds like a nice way to spend your lunch break. Especially when you are doing work training....which can be soooo boring!