Saturday, August 28, 2010

sock monkey x 2

 I went to a factory outlet the other day and found some cheap socks for the kiddies, on the back of the Rio pack was this pattern for a sock monkey.  Needless to say I had to make two and here they are.  Both have bits inside out / wrong side out / right way around.  To be honest the first body I did was the wrong way around by accident - never mind, it makes the two a little different and the kiddies know who's is who's.  The buttons I found for the eyes really suit - they were from Spotlight.  I think the socks were specially designed to make the monkey as there are red bits in the heel which make the mouth.  I sewed the tail over the red bits on their bottoms - no explanation necessary...

Sunday, August 22, 2010

pfaffing around - flowers in a pot

This was so much fun to make, it's just a little collage - 'flowers in a pot'.  All the fabrics are from the squares quilt except for the cotton/linen background.  It measures around 21.5cm x 17cm, lets just say it's not your exact rectangle.  I felt a little inspired as I have booked myself into a fabric collage class at Amitie with Elizabeth Barnett later next month, it should be fun.  It was also a good excuse to whip something up / practice on my new machine - no regrets with that purchase, none at all.

hand quilting

The hand quilting has commenced, I'm using this Sashiko thread, the red matches really well with the colours in the quilt.  I am glad to have a project I can sit down to at night, I find it nice and relaxing.  I can't remember where I got the thread from, it could have been a show a couple of years ago - however you can buy it here.

Not to sure if I'll quilt a smaller square in all the blank squares as I first thought, it may look a little too busy.  I'll finish with the criss cross and decide later, maybe one here and there....

Monday, August 16, 2010

all basted & ready for quilting

Squares is all basted and ready for quilting, who likes basting - I don't think I do, even though it didn't take too long, about 1.5hrs. I've learnt from previous experience that I don't need to do it quite as close as what I've done in the past, there's just no need. I'm using super soft wool batting with lots of loft and the backing is from stash fabrics.

At last I have made a dent in my stash with this quilt, I'm sure my stash is quite small compared to most but I'd look at it sometimes and think what am I going to do with all that? So I am pleased that this quilt has all been from my stash. I bought the leaf patterned fabric years ago when I was making bags - I was using it for lining. I didn't have quite enough so I've used some fabric I bought earlier this year from Tessuti (the red with little flowers), which is also on the front here and there.

I've not been able to find red linen thread locally and I need to start immediately, so I'm going to use some red sashiko thread that I already have, it's 100% cotton and I think it will suit the quilt very well.

a new baby

I have a new baby, it's my first ever sewing machine - my very own sewing machine. For the last few years I've been borrowing my sister's little Brother - thanks sis. One of my favourite things is the organiser tray, a little place for everything - she's a Pfaff Select 4.0 & I love her.

I brought her home Friday night, did a few test runs but was just too tired to make anything and unfortunately I was out and about all week-end so I wasn't able to do anything. Hopefully next week-end.

(Apologies for the bright pic.)

Sunday, August 8, 2010

new project :: sqaures

I really felt like doing some sewing, thursday evening I started to cut out some squares from fabrics I already have in my stash. I cut them out at 3.5"

Friday night I started sewing them together, with no big plans in mind. After 20 x 6 squares were together Bells asks if she can help laying out the fabric, sure I said but lets not put the same fabric next to each other. With that simple rule in place we were off, then she says "that looks beautiful mumma, is that for me?" What could I say, so now it's going to be a new quilt for Bells.

So far we are at 20 x 18 squares, I'm thinking 20 x 26 squares for her single bed - I like a quilt to over hang just over the doona. No border, just the binding to surround the quilt.

I think the hand quilting will be something like this :-
(it would be nice to find some red linen thread... I'll need to go on a search, or maybe some red sashiko thread...)

I am happy to be working on a quilt :)


All wound up on some cardboard tubing, all ready. Even if it is just to admire.

Thursday, August 5, 2010

very special linen yarn

WOW! This yarn is so lovely, it is linen yarn and it feels exactly like you'd imagine linen yarn would feel. I know ---- I've used this yarn before (different shade) but it's worthy of a little attention.

It was purchased from here, same place as last time - it's been the only place in Australia where I've managed to find it. I looked at a couple of sites from the US but the shipping cost more than the yarn. (shade = natural). Why can't I buy this or any other linen yarn in my local wool shop? I'm sure there's a market for it, I can't be the only one - more people need to experience the wonder of linen yarn.

Now I'll have to wind it into a ball and put it to good use - what will that be? a few small crochet flowers - definitely, but what else????

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

paper tape

I love this paper tape that you lick, or moisten yourself before sticking - I found it here. I imagine it would be nice on a little gift wrapped in brown paper, finished off with a little white string. It's very special.

a granny square, the 1st granny square

This is the first granny square I have ever made, I know it's not perfect - the gaps are a little uneven all over the place but on the whole - from a distance I think it looks alright. I followed the pattern in my Meet Me At Mikes book. It is on the small side - just over 6cm square (or not so square).

Crochet is fun to do while I try and find a project I can sink my teeth into. I have some linen yarn on the way which I'll share when it arrives .......... can't wait!