Sunday, August 8, 2010

new project :: sqaures

I really felt like doing some sewing, thursday evening I started to cut out some squares from fabrics I already have in my stash. I cut them out at 3.5"

Friday night I started sewing them together, with no big plans in mind. After 20 x 6 squares were together Bells asks if she can help laying out the fabric, sure I said but lets not put the same fabric next to each other. With that simple rule in place we were off, then she says "that looks beautiful mumma, is that for me?" What could I say, so now it's going to be a new quilt for Bells.

So far we are at 20 x 18 squares, I'm thinking 20 x 26 squares for her single bed - I like a quilt to over hang just over the doona. No border, just the binding to surround the quilt.

I think the hand quilting will be something like this :-
(it would be nice to find some red linen thread... I'll need to go on a search, or maybe some red sashiko thread...)

I am happy to be working on a quilt :)


  1. YES, red thread for sure! That will look a treat. Beautiful.

  2. it is looking gorgeous, lisa! love the colours and can't wait to see more...

  3. Looking lovely. Such a gorgeous combo of colours and fabrics (and I love the look of tha linen thread in your previous post. I want some of that!)

  4. Have seen this quilt in person and can assure you of it's loveliness. Thanks for lunch Lisa. Delicious as always!