Wednesday, September 30, 2009

1st attempt at crochet

This was so much fun to make, a crocheted linen grocery tote found over here. I was able to locate the linen yarn over here, it was so nice to work with. My sister gave me a couple of lessons and I'll admit it, she did the first few rounds for me. I was getting a little frustrated with my lack of consistency with the tension so I pulled it apart a couple of times and handed it over. After a little while I was off, crocheted until my hand ached so much I thought I had RSI (not to mention the pain in my neck), this bag was complete in 2 days.
Above, the balloon was just to show how expandable the bag is, I don't usually carry around a balloon.

Below, a much better use for the bag - this is after one wash and one tumble dry, it's supposed to get even better the more I wash it.

I may have to make more...

Sunday, September 27, 2009

worry dolls

We've been busy making some worry dolls today, the idea is when you go to bed you tell your worries to the dolls and put them under your pillow. In the morning you feel less troubled as the dolls have taken away your worries as you sleep. We've been reading Silly Billy to our little worry pot.

The hair and base/shoes have been moulded from air drying clay which was fun to use - it takes 24 hours for it to dry, the worries will have to wait a little. (One is yet to be clothed, it does have a hat though...)

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

a bit of this & a bit of that

Over the last 3 wednesday nights I've been doing a dress making course, I thought it would be nice to be able to make some cloths and for them to look 'not-so-home-made'. I've picked up a few great tips and I've gained a little confidence in my sewing machine skills. First garment was a skirt, we had to pick from a suggested list of basic patterns, I made a denim skirt and I put the zip in myself (just a little excited about knowing how to do that nicely). I may never wear the skirt as it's quite quite high in the waist, I did however learn some useful techniques.

The second garment was of my choosing and it's a top (not yet finished), the pattern is for a dress, so I just cut it off at the required length. I'm using some beautiful Nani Iro double gauze for this one, I really hope it turns out ok.

Saw this liberty and had to add it, it's so pretty. This will be the last I add to the hexagons..... As previously mentioned the going is slow with the hexagons but it is going and I'm enjoying watching it grow bit by bit.
I was asked to make a little something for a friend to give to a friend, so here's the result - the request was for it to be an owl, it's a little owl like wouldn't you say.... maybe, sort of ?
all wrapped and ready for delivery...

Sunday, September 6, 2009

lots of preparation

Not too much to report this week other than preparation, preparation, sewing a flower or two together & preparation. Each night I do a little and when it comes to look at it all at the end of a week it's surprising how much has been done. The going is slow, but I'm enjoying slow.

(above is the last addition......I think)