Wednesday, December 2, 2009

advent calendar

The advent calendar was finished in time, hubbie made me a beautiful french inspired bread board from some baltic pine we found at a second hand timber yard for $9.00 how cheap is that! I saw an antique one in a shop in Hawthorn for $220 which was a little out of my price range. A little sanding a quick coat of tung oil and it was complete and beautiful.

I found some vintage brass laundry pins, and it just so happens that they are numbered B1 through to B24 - it was meant to be.
Day 1 has already passed, christmas chocies have been consumed by the kiddies.
This calendar was fun to make (& time consuming with the embroidered numbers), hopefully we'll use it for years to come, it's filled with a chocolate for flip & bells each day and some days there's a little ornament they can hang on the tree.
I still have a fair bit of linen left, what to do, what to do... I've been wanting to sew, then not knowing what to sew, so not much is getting done. I feel like I haven't got the time lately, then on the off chance I get a couple of hours to myself I stress out about what to make and again nothing gets done. What's going on????? Sometimes I think I'm driving myself crazy :o

birthday gift for a kinder friend

It's been a little while since my last post - I hope to get back to doing regular weekly posts. We'll see how we go. The days are just whizzing by as Christmas fast approaches, every week-end last month was filled with parties, weddings, parties etc... Not much sewing has been going on, after the week-end away which was great I may have hit over load :(

This is a little bag for one of bells' kinder friends, I put a little note book inside with some colored pencils.

I may have made it a little too thick, I wasn't able to sew the sides together on the machine so I had to do a little blanket stitching.

Sunday, November 8, 2009

great weekend away & the advent calendar

Last weekend at Sewjourn was my first sewing weekend away and it was well worth it. Just a short drive out of Melbourne and you're free to sew for hours & hours without interruption (except to be called in for meals..... not too bad really). Lots of hints & tips were absorbed from here, here & here. I was able to make a great start on my advent calendar pockets, they were quite labor intensive - but I'm hoping the end result will make it all worthwhile. I was able to complete 18 whilst I was away, 6 more to go...

Excuse the pin holding pocket '1' closed, I've ordered some vintage brass laundry pins to close up each pocket once a goodie has been placed inside. Hopefully they arrive before dec 1st and they look good. The finished pockets will be strung on a wooden board which is currently in production.

I also did a little work on this dolls quilt (about 21" sq.), it's for a 1st birthday/christening - hope she likes it, it was completed lastnight. Made from scraps, it feels nice to make something from scraps, nothing is wasted.

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

forged by hand

Just a quick post to let you know about what my dad has been up to, he does a bit of blacksmithing in his spare time, he's trying to sell a few pieces so he can create some new designs he has ticking over in his mind. All items are really cheap considering the hours of work he has put into most pieces. The candle holder below is one of my favorites.

If you're interested please head on over to forged by hand

There will be an updated on the week-end away soon.....

Sunday, October 18, 2009

small linen gift bag

I have cut into my piece of french linen, oh - it's so lovely to work with and touch. This is a small gift bag with a tree embroidered on using french knots and some little random stitches, finished off with a beautiful wooden heart bead. I've left the selvedge on, or I should say I've used the selvedge for the top edge cause I think it looks nice - too good to cut off.

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

sewing weekend

I can't believe it, I'm going on my first sewing weekend and I can't wait - very very very excited! I'll be going along with friends Emily & Leslie and a couple of Leslie's friends to Sewjourn later this month for 2 nights. A BIG BIG THANKS Leslie for organising the weekend. (Hopefully Kylie can come along next time, she'll be busy watching horses run round & round that weekend)
My mind has been a buzz with what to make, at the moment I'm thinking I'll do a few things that I've been inspired by from the book pictured below, I've still got time to change my mind...
I've gathered a few trimmings & things together
There is a small stash of fabrics (could be bigger don't you think???), including some beautiful french & japanese linen from Patchwork on Central. I wonder if I'll be able to cut it up.

I want to do so much, how much can I bring, how much should I bring? Of course the hexagons will come along, that's a given.

Wednesday, September 30, 2009

1st attempt at crochet

This was so much fun to make, a crocheted linen grocery tote found over here. I was able to locate the linen yarn over here, it was so nice to work with. My sister gave me a couple of lessons and I'll admit it, she did the first few rounds for me. I was getting a little frustrated with my lack of consistency with the tension so I pulled it apart a couple of times and handed it over. After a little while I was off, crocheted until my hand ached so much I thought I had RSI (not to mention the pain in my neck), this bag was complete in 2 days.
Above, the balloon was just to show how expandable the bag is, I don't usually carry around a balloon.

Below, a much better use for the bag - this is after one wash and one tumble dry, it's supposed to get even better the more I wash it.

I may have to make more...

Sunday, September 27, 2009

worry dolls

We've been busy making some worry dolls today, the idea is when you go to bed you tell your worries to the dolls and put them under your pillow. In the morning you feel less troubled as the dolls have taken away your worries as you sleep. We've been reading Silly Billy to our little worry pot.

The hair and base/shoes have been moulded from air drying clay which was fun to use - it takes 24 hours for it to dry, the worries will have to wait a little. (One is yet to be clothed, it does have a hat though...)

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

a bit of this & a bit of that

Over the last 3 wednesday nights I've been doing a dress making course, I thought it would be nice to be able to make some cloths and for them to look 'not-so-home-made'. I've picked up a few great tips and I've gained a little confidence in my sewing machine skills. First garment was a skirt, we had to pick from a suggested list of basic patterns, I made a denim skirt and I put the zip in myself (just a little excited about knowing how to do that nicely). I may never wear the skirt as it's quite quite high in the waist, I did however learn some useful techniques.

The second garment was of my choosing and it's a top (not yet finished), the pattern is for a dress, so I just cut it off at the required length. I'm using some beautiful Nani Iro double gauze for this one, I really hope it turns out ok.

Saw this liberty and had to add it, it's so pretty. This will be the last I add to the hexagons..... As previously mentioned the going is slow with the hexagons but it is going and I'm enjoying watching it grow bit by bit.
I was asked to make a little something for a friend to give to a friend, so here's the result - the request was for it to be an owl, it's a little owl like wouldn't you say.... maybe, sort of ?
all wrapped and ready for delivery...

Sunday, September 6, 2009

lots of preparation

Not too much to report this week other than preparation, preparation, sewing a flower or two together & preparation. Each night I do a little and when it comes to look at it all at the end of a week it's surprising how much has been done. The going is slow, but I'm enjoying slow.

(above is the last addition......I think)

Monday, August 31, 2009

link to little birdie

Thanks to Bianca Jae Makes Stuff for the link, mollychicken. I will never, never, never save an idea without the reference point again.

While you're checking out the tutorial, have a look at the great log cabin cushion while you're there.

Hope you're having a good Monday!

Sunday, August 30, 2009

little birdie

This is a little gift I made as a small thank you to my yoga teacher who will no longer be teaching at my usual place. I will miss Nadine, she is a wonderful, generous teacher and a truly beautiful person. I used a little of my favorite Nani Iro in the mint & red double gauze. I must confess that I found the instructions for this little bird on someone's blog ages ago and when I saved it I made no reference to the clever crafty person, so my sincere apologies - I know it's poor form and I won't do it again. As I've now been blogging for a few months I have learnt to save ideas with the reference point.

Sunday, August 23, 2009

the hexagon extravaganza has commenced

It's quite a process - making a quilt from hexagons. Cutting out the paper templates, cutting out the fabric, sewing/tacking the fabric around the template and then sewing the hexagons together. I'm cutting and sewing together as I go, I couldn't imagine preparing hundreds of hexagons before sewing any together. After completing the first flower I thought "what am I doing????" but now that I've done a few I'm enjoying it. I keep saying to myself the overall look will be effective, it will, it will. The hexagons measure from straight edge to straight edge just over 1 3/4".

A couple of close ups and a couple more Liberty's were purchased this afternoon, I have to make sure I have enough...

Bells and I went to Patchwork on Central today, she chose 2 fat quarters from which I made a quilt for her big pink puppy (far right). There are no close ups for a very good reason, I did it on the machine in about 45 minutes - enough said. Rest well little friends.

table/handy bench

This is a table/handy bench hubby made a couple of weeks ago from second hand timber, it cost around $30 for the timber. Excuse the horrible brown cupboards and the floor boards with putty, we will be updating, sanding & polishing sometime soonish. I needed somewhere to store my blue pots, this is the perfect place.

Saturday, August 15, 2009

scrappy quilt is finished

I have truly loved making this quilt & I'm so pleased with the end result.
It's taken me around 4 months
It's soft & warm
It's all cotton & linen with wool batting
It's as scrappy as I could get
It's hand sewn (except stage 1 of binding)
It's hand quilted using linen thread
It's got some of my most favorite fabrics
It's for the couch
It's lovely (I think so anyway)
It's finished

Sunday, August 2, 2009

binding & a dolls quit from a while back

Even though I haven't quite finished doing all the quilting on the scrappy quilt, I had a burning desire to put the binding on. That is the only part I do by machine - the first stage of attaching the binding. Completing the binding by hand is the most satisfying part of making a quilt for me - the end of a journey. It's also a little sad/depressing - anyway I'm not there yet so let's move on... :)

This is a dolls quilt I made for bells last year sometime, it was made from the scraps of the first quilt I made for her. It's basically a log cabin pattern with a couple of borders, it was fun to make and it has helped a teddy or a dolly get to sleep many a night.

I am looking forward to this Friday, I'm meeting my friend Kylie at Amitie for one of their 20% - 50% off sales. After all I am in need of more Liberty fabric for my next venture, and if there happens to be something else that catches my eye - well, I'd better get that too as it will be at least 20% off, bargain! Who can resist a fabric sale?

Sunday, July 26, 2009

wooden tiny spools & an idea

Today we went for a drive to the Tyabb Packing House Antique Centre, lots & lots of nice things to look at - most things we loved were a little pricy. I did spy these wooden cotton spools which I love, 9 for $20.

Not too much has been happening on the sewing front, still hand quilting the scrappy quilt but I have had an idea for my next quilt. I'm going to venture away from the safe world of squares & rectangles and give hexagons a go. I'm thinking of liberty flowers surrounded by the old faithful cotton/linen blend - I think the hexagons will be around 2" wide

Here's my current Liberty stash, I think it needs to be bigger......... yes, most definitely!

Monday, July 20, 2009

Thank you to three buttons

I just wanted to say a big thank you to Angela of three buttons, she was very kind & generous to send me a mr electron kit to make for Filip after seeing 'space flight' in my blog back in april. I thought Angela was going to send me a pattern, but today the postman delivered a complete kit - WOW! what a lovely surprise. If any of you haven't been by three buttons I suggest you do for some great inspiration. Thank you - thank you - thank you Angela x.
I also wanted to share the birthday card I made (with the help of hubby) for Flip, Flip loved it he said it's "Flippy the astronaut" with much glee. I found a retro picture on the web, hubby photoshopped flip in and I just added some text - and there you have it, a homemade birthday card.

Sunday, July 12, 2009

happy birthday bunting

It will be flip's birthday next Saturday, he'll be 6 - time goes by so quickly. I've been meaning to make some birthday bunting for a while now, something to replace the cheap looking foil/plastic crinkled up bought one. This is unisex so we can use it for everyone. I used some denim that I've had for ages - the reverse side and fabrics from my stash/scraps for the letters.
I hand sewed on each letter using blanket stitch or just a round & round (don't know if that has a technical term...) stitch. A half inch strip was sewn on the bottom and I frayed the bottom edges of each letter. Strung them on some cotton rope and there you have it!
Here's a little more detail on each letter, a great little week-end project.