Sunday, August 2, 2009

binding & a dolls quit from a while back

Even though I haven't quite finished doing all the quilting on the scrappy quilt, I had a burning desire to put the binding on. That is the only part I do by machine - the first stage of attaching the binding. Completing the binding by hand is the most satisfying part of making a quilt for me - the end of a journey. It's also a little sad/depressing - anyway I'm not there yet so let's move on... :)

This is a dolls quilt I made for bells last year sometime, it was made from the scraps of the first quilt I made for her. It's basically a log cabin pattern with a couple of borders, it was fun to make and it has helped a teddy or a dolly get to sleep many a night.

I am looking forward to this Friday, I'm meeting my friend Kylie at Amitie for one of their 20% - 50% off sales. After all I am in need of more Liberty fabric for my next venture, and if there happens to be something else that catches my eye - well, I'd better get that too as it will be at least 20% off, bargain! Who can resist a fabric sale?


  1. Love the binding you have choosen - looks a little oriental - very nice. Thanks for saving me Friday just gone, looking forward to this Friday - hope we get time for a coffee and nibble.

  2. ooohhhh its looking good Lisa! cant wait to see the finished quilt. I will be joining you at Amitie.....sooooo much fun xx