Sunday, August 30, 2009

little birdie

This is a little gift I made as a small thank you to my yoga teacher who will no longer be teaching at my usual place. I will miss Nadine, she is a wonderful, generous teacher and a truly beautiful person. I used a little of my favorite Nani Iro in the mint & red double gauze. I must confess that I found the instructions for this little bird on someone's blog ages ago and when I saved it I made no reference to the clever crafty person, so my sincere apologies - I know it's poor form and I won't do it again. As I've now been blogging for a few months I have learnt to save ideas with the reference point.


  1. Too cute! I think it was from here
    Been on my to do list. I'm sure your teacher will love it xox

  2. i am sure she will love it!!!