Tuesday, April 28, 2009

pencil wrap

After a week-end of frustration - wanting to make something but not knowing what to make...

I bought a black pen, black pen & a grey pencil (there's a little art shop near where I work, I love pencils, pens & paper) so whenever an idea pops into my mind I can jot it down. But I needed something to house those items within my handbag, so I started cutting out some fabric from my stash.

The pencil wrap...
the outside...
the inside...
all wrapped up... with some leather...

Saturday, April 25, 2009

what to do...

A year ago or so I bought some lovely wooden beads and made a little key ring with leather, the other week I couldn't resist and bought a handful more along with a vintage wooden spool. What am I going to do with the beads??? I do not know - but I do love them. At the moment they are contained in a glass jar waiting patiently...

Lastnight I put together some linen and squares (above), what am I going to do with that??? I do not know... I did that with the machine, not my usual means of sewing.

I had a quick visit to Amitie during the week where I bumped into my friend Em and the lovely little Annie and bought these soft little pieces of wool. What am I going to do with these??? I do not know...During the week I have been doing a little quilting on my quilt, which has been pushed aside a few times while I've done kiddie quilts and a cushion. I do love the hand sewing, there's no hurry.

I hope to achieve something soon....

Sunday, April 19, 2009

a cushion to match

I made a cushion to go with 'space flight' from some of the leftovers. I have borrowed my sister's sewing machine for a little while....... (thanks sis) so this little number was a breeze. I still had to do some hand sewing which I don't mind at all, I quite enjoy it - especially the binding when you round the last corner and meet up where you start.

It's the size of a european pillow, I bought a lovely feather & down one to put inside - it sits so nice and has a nice weight to it.

What's going to be next........I'm not sure

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

space flight is finished

Lastnight I finished the 'space flight' quilt for flip, he was sleeping when I put it on his bed and in the morning when he woke up he was so excited. He said to me "I don't want you to make anymore blankets because I want this one on my bed all the time". My little man is so sweet. I'm quite pleased with this one, I love the colors and the cotton/linen border.

You can't get the true picture from the photos, nevermind...

It had to have the sun, a rocket and the planets including pluto - I was under strict instructions.

Monday, April 13, 2009

days off over easter

I went to mum & dad's to use ma's sewing machine the other day which is a pleasure to use, and several hours later I left with an almost complete item (from my new pattern book). Ma has an overlocker too which finishes edges off beautifully (thanks Ma for doing the overlocking :) ). All that was left was a slight adjustment at the back and the hem which I did by hand at home. I'm not over the moon about the top but for a first attempt in many many many years at sewing an item of clothing and finishing it - it was ok.

I do love the fabric, a cotton linen blend that I think will improve with a couple of washes - it's quite light so I think it hang nicer eventually.......

After making a little bag for bells I was asked by my little man "where's mine?", so after the attempt at sewing my top I whipped up this simple draw string bag in about 15 minutes.

I'm moments away from finishing the quilting on the 'space flight' quilt, then it's the binding - which I prepared earlier...

Thursday, April 9, 2009


I received the book in the mail yesterday, so exciting - how is that for excellent service. Thank you Kinokuniya

It is such a beautiful book.

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

nani iro pattern book by naomi ito

I can't believe I have found this book here in Australia, I've been looking around for quite a while. To get it shipped from Japan would have cost an arm & a leg. I found it at Kinokuniya in Sydney, this looks like a fabulous shop for Japanese craft books, if only it were a little closer to home...

I will be waiting by the letterbox. When it arrives I'll share some pics, here's just a couple.

I bought some beautiful nani iro fabric from duckcloth a couple of months ago it is a very soft double gauze fabric, amazing to touch.
I must admit my track record for making items of clothing is not good, perhaps if I did it by hand I'd get the right result. When I start on the sewing machine I feel like I NEED TO GET IT DONE NOW! so things are rushed & ruined. It could have something to do with the sewing machine I'm using, it's a really really really old singer that I operate with my knee - it's quite difficult to control the speed.

Monday, April 6, 2009

good use & quilting

The little bag was quickly filled with a few precious goodies and I received a couple of little flowers from the garden.

Yesterday I finished a row of quilting circles, it took a little while but well worth it in the end. I'm thinking of doing a row of stars and possible another row or two of circles, we'll see how we go...

I love looking at the back as well.

Sunday, April 5, 2009

a little bag

Yesterday I needed a quick fix so I made a little bag for Ella, it's a 'Reversible Loop Bag'. I recently went to the Australiasian Quilt Convention where I purchased the pattern, fabric & cord from Be Be Bold Japanese Textiles, the cute little wooden flower button was from The Quilting Heart. Note: the button, cord and little thingies (technical term...) hanging off the end are my own addition to the bag...

I found some instructions on a japanese website fjx.co.jp, they were fun to make and I think they add a little something special to the bag. Although the instructions are in japanese they were quite easy to follow just from the diagrams as you can see from the snippet below. I was quite pleased with the result.

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

work station

This is where I keep all my sewing bits & pieces, I love to just look at the fabric - I know there's not a heap there but I love to look at it and rearrange every now & then. There's a little more in the cupboard below, can't have everything out all at once - then little treasures wouldn't surprise me when the time comes to rearrange...