Sunday, April 5, 2009

a little bag

Yesterday I needed a quick fix so I made a little bag for Ella, it's a 'Reversible Loop Bag'. I recently went to the Australiasian Quilt Convention where I purchased the pattern, fabric & cord from Be Be Bold Japanese Textiles, the cute little wooden flower button was from The Quilting Heart. Note: the button, cord and little thingies (technical term...) hanging off the end are my own addition to the bag...

I found some instructions on a japanese website, they were fun to make and I think they add a little something special to the bag. Although the instructions are in japanese they were quite easy to follow just from the diagrams as you can see from the snippet below. I was quite pleased with the result.


  1. this is gorgeous, lisa! i love the cord and thingies addition : )

  2. I love it to Lisa! I might have to make little Annie one! We should all catch up for coffee again soon. I need an amitie fix!