Monday, April 13, 2009

days off over easter

I went to mum & dad's to use ma's sewing machine the other day which is a pleasure to use, and several hours later I left with an almost complete item (from my new pattern book). Ma has an overlocker too which finishes edges off beautifully (thanks Ma for doing the overlocking :) ). All that was left was a slight adjustment at the back and the hem which I did by hand at home. I'm not over the moon about the top but for a first attempt in many many many years at sewing an item of clothing and finishing it - it was ok.

I do love the fabric, a cotton linen blend that I think will improve with a couple of washes - it's quite light so I think it hang nicer eventually.......

After making a little bag for bells I was asked by my little man "where's mine?", so after the attempt at sewing my top I whipped up this simple draw string bag in about 15 minutes.

I'm moments away from finishing the quilting on the 'space flight' quilt, then it's the binding - which I prepared earlier...


  1. I LOVE the top. I have a little passion for clothes at the moment also :) I think you, I and Leslie need to get together and discuss further - hehe

  2. Hi Em, absolutely, that would be great.

  3. I like the boldness of your quilting stitches, it makes it really stand out and makes a statement on your quilt. Your finished product is beautiful
    and I can understand why your son wants to sleep under this quilt for ever (later post read)
    Please tell me what type of thread you have used

    1. Hi Monique, thank you for all your lovely comments, much appreciated. I used perle 8 thread on this one. Lisa.