Sunday, April 19, 2009

a cushion to match

I made a cushion to go with 'space flight' from some of the leftovers. I have borrowed my sister's sewing machine for a little while....... (thanks sis) so this little number was a breeze. I still had to do some hand sewing which I don't mind at all, I quite enjoy it - especially the binding when you round the last corner and meet up where you start.

It's the size of a european pillow, I bought a lovely feather & down one to put inside - it sits so nice and has a nice weight to it.

What's going to be next........I'm not sure


  1. how cute - I was almost expecting to see a little moopy bunny astroman - like the book cover!

  2. I saw this in person and can vouch for it's loveliness :) great to see you today Lisa. Let me know about a little sewing time at Amitie soon! (oh, and thanks for holding Annie)

  3. Interesting... Gambateh :)