Tuesday, April 7, 2009

nani iro pattern book by naomi ito

I can't believe I have found this book here in Australia, I've been looking around for quite a while. To get it shipped from Japan would have cost an arm & a leg. I found it at Kinokuniya in Sydney, this looks like a fabulous shop for Japanese craft books, if only it were a little closer to home...

I will be waiting by the letterbox. When it arrives I'll share some pics, here's just a couple.

I bought some beautiful nani iro fabric from duckcloth a couple of months ago it is a very soft double gauze fabric, amazing to touch.
I must admit my track record for making items of clothing is not good, perhaps if I did it by hand I'd get the right result. When I start on the sewing machine I feel like I NEED TO GET IT DONE NOW! so things are rushed & ruined. It could have something to do with the sewing machine I'm using, it's a really really really old singer that I operate with my knee - it's quite difficult to control the speed.


  1. hey lisa, i have this book! wish i had known it was the one you were looking for, i could have lent it to you. love the top you made!

  2. Hi Leslie, nevermind - it's such a lovely book I just love looking at the pics.

  3. Oh noo, sounds like you need a new sewing machine!

    Gorgeous book, do you also know about Kanga Kanga (Japanese bookstore) here in Melbourne? If they don't have something on the shelf it's always worth asking if the can have it ordered in for you. Might be worth a shot for next time.

    Kanga Kanga
    Level 5, Bourke House
    145 Russell St Melbourne
    03 9663 8433