Sunday, July 26, 2009

wooden tiny spools & an idea

Today we went for a drive to the Tyabb Packing House Antique Centre, lots & lots of nice things to look at - most things we loved were a little pricy. I did spy these wooden cotton spools which I love, 9 for $20.

Not too much has been happening on the sewing front, still hand quilting the scrappy quilt but I have had an idea for my next quilt. I'm going to venture away from the safe world of squares & rectangles and give hexagons a go. I'm thinking of liberty flowers surrounded by the old faithful cotton/linen blend - I think the hexagons will be around 2" wide

Here's my current Liberty stash, I think it needs to be bigger......... yes, most definitely!


  1. any excuse to buy more fabric huh? well...we will have to spend up big at amitie next week!

  2. Love the old spools of thread! And good luck with your hexagons!

  3. Yes I am using paper "templates" to baste my hexagons to first. Then I sew all the hexagon's together. Then I take the paper out. My blogging friend Karen, has great tutorial. Only I bought precut cardstock hexagons, rather than making my own. Here is her tutorial:

  4. Oh those vintage sewing spools are divine, I don't know how you resisted. I'm in awe of anyone who can make a hexagon quilt, I just don't have the attention to detail and patience that it requires. Look forward to seeing it unfold on your blog.