Sunday, July 12, 2009

happy birthday bunting

It will be flip's birthday next Saturday, he'll be 6 - time goes by so quickly. I've been meaning to make some birthday bunting for a while now, something to replace the cheap looking foil/plastic crinkled up bought one. This is unisex so we can use it for everyone. I used some denim that I've had for ages - the reverse side and fabrics from my stash/scraps for the letters.
I hand sewed on each letter using blanket stitch or just a round & round (don't know if that has a technical term...) stitch. A half inch strip was sewn on the bottom and I frayed the bottom edges of each letter. Strung them on some cotton rope and there you have it!
Here's a little more detail on each letter, a great little week-end project.


  1. cute! love the variety of fabrics you used!!

  2. was this your little get away project - well done - always love to see your new posts! What else are you working on???

  3. Cute birthday bunting!!! I posted off Mr Electron in the post on Friday, just in time for Flip's birthday : )


  4. Yes!! Try crochet, it's sooo good!! But beware of the dreaded crochet neck! I'm on the Voltaren tonight. OUch!

  5. ooh love this! Monique put me onto your blog, it's lovely. :)Kylie