Monday, July 20, 2009

Thank you to three buttons

I just wanted to say a big thank you to Angela of three buttons, she was very kind & generous to send me a mr electron kit to make for Filip after seeing 'space flight' in my blog back in april. I thought Angela was going to send me a pattern, but today the postman delivered a complete kit - WOW! what a lovely surprise. If any of you haven't been by three buttons I suggest you do for some great inspiration. Thank you - thank you - thank you Angela x.
I also wanted to share the birthday card I made (with the help of hubby) for Flip, Flip loved it he said it's "Flippy the astronaut" with much glee. I found a retro picture on the web, hubby photoshopped flip in and I just added some text - and there you have it, a homemade birthday card.


  1. the card! SO CUTE! Send on our birthday wishes :) love em and ben and annie xx

  2. Fantastic Blog Lisa. Love the photos and the detail in your work. Means so much more to know the process when we have seen the finished work in your house. Love photos of said lovelies esp Flips semi head shot! Cen