Wednesday, December 2, 2009

advent calendar

The advent calendar was finished in time, hubbie made me a beautiful french inspired bread board from some baltic pine we found at a second hand timber yard for $9.00 how cheap is that! I saw an antique one in a shop in Hawthorn for $220 which was a little out of my price range. A little sanding a quick coat of tung oil and it was complete and beautiful.

I found some vintage brass laundry pins, and it just so happens that they are numbered B1 through to B24 - it was meant to be.
Day 1 has already passed, christmas chocies have been consumed by the kiddies.
This calendar was fun to make (& time consuming with the embroidered numbers), hopefully we'll use it for years to come, it's filled with a chocolate for flip & bells each day and some days there's a little ornament they can hang on the tree.
I still have a fair bit of linen left, what to do, what to do... I've been wanting to sew, then not knowing what to sew, so not much is getting done. I feel like I haven't got the time lately, then on the off chance I get a couple of hours to myself I stress out about what to make and again nothing gets done. What's going on????? Sometimes I think I'm driving myself crazy :o


  1. That is beautiful Lisa. Lovely neat little stitches - lucky flip & bells. Great pins too - perfect.
    I am sure you will use and treasure it for many years (maybe generations) to come.

  2. It may have been time consuming, but what an inspiring outcome. It is beautiful. And how lucky with those matching pins! Great effort.

  3. I've been waiting for this post - looks really good - you are such a perfectionist - I know I wouldn't have the patience to do all those little stitches!!! see you soon

  4. Beautiful! Everything is perfect! Will be well loved for years and years.
    And I know what you mean about freaking out! Why do we did it to ourselves?? I find a big breath, breaking it down, and doing one thing at a time helps :) xox

  5. this all turned out so beautifully, lisa! lovely to see it finished and nice work on the board : )

  6. i knew this would look fantastic. and how weird is this...on my walk with Annie today, I stopped into an 'ever-so-expensive' store in brighton and there was an advent calendar made out of linen. it had nothing on yours though! well done. soooooo lovely!

  7. Those are so cute. The bags, the pins, the embroidery! Everything is darling. What a great find on those pins. So exciting!

  8. I would love for you to come by and link this up to The CSI Project this week. The challenge is Advent Calendars. Every week there is a new challenge and new giveaway. You could take home the top prize or win the giveaway.Come by any day of the week for tutorials and the link party beginning Wednesday at Midnight.

    Dee the csi girl