Sunday, June 21, 2009

it's cold and knitted items are required

It's a slow process, but every night I do a little more. I'm loving the linen thread, the randomness of the quilting and the warmth on my lap - this is such a cosy quilt. It has been rather chilly of late, not surprising since we're in winter.

Went to a Wondoflex last week, what a wool treat that was wow! wow! wow! so many beautiful wools. It makes a nice change when you have to decide on which beautiful wool to use rather than which one out of this mound of crap will I relunctantly choose. The wools chosen below are both from Italy, wools you just wouldn't find in those gigantic barns. The red scarf is complete as well as a beanie, now the order is in for 2 more beanies. Just when I thought I had fulfilled the knitting orders... They are quick knits so it's not too bad I guess, I am not however putting my hand up to make any jumpers.


  1. I've just been checking out your blog, your work is fantastic, great ideas.

  2. Ok, that's it. You have to help me. I might bring my knitting over this Friday and you can give me a few pointers. Desperately wanting to knit myself a scarf that is just a tad funky :)