Sunday, October 17, 2010

finished collages

I have finished the collage I started in class - so much fun to make, I'd like to put it up on the wall some day.  It features the stamp of my flip & bells with balloons, a rainbow of sorts and some bunting.

 The collage above was so much fun to make, I thought I'd make another - this time featuring the house stamps with small additions, rolling hills and billowy clouds in a soft breeze on some calico.  This time I used some bamboo batting, not quite so pooofy as the wool I used in the above. A different look.  I'm happy with both.

I think it's necessary for me to be working on a project, small or large - something, I get some release, some satisfaction, some pleasure and in turn probably some sanity.
Waiting patiently for my next idea...
I hope it comes soon ;)

sketchings & more rubber stamps

 I bought a note book before I went to the collage class and now whenever an idea strikes me I sketch it in there.  I do wish they would come more frequently...
Above are some newly carved stamps, little houses - the largest is 8.5cm in height.
Below are the original sketches and stamped results in my note book.

 I drew a bird and I've cut out a few in different fabrics which I'd like to do something with one day.  I have some little metal birds and they hang in a very similar way as below.
A sketch of my old Nikon FM2 which I love, the poor old thing hasn't had a great deal of use lately in this digital age.  Years ago (before kids) I used to love taking black & white shots, maybe one day in the near future.  It is a little more costly as there's developing & processing costs, but there's something special about photos from this camera.