Sunday, November 21, 2010

a home for a new pencil

I bought a new pencil today, the green one below and it's got some different coloured leads I can interchange - at the moment it's got red, that's the favourite.  The red clutch pencil was already floating around in my handbag, I couldn't have two floating around so I whipped up this little home for them.  Linen & calico with a shell button.

Sometimes it's the small & quick things that give us pleasure, just what I needed today.  I bought a diary for next year during the week, just a small one, week to an opening - I aim to use it.  Not just for birthday's and my few appointments but for ideas, thoughts & feelings, even it's just a sentence or two, or just a few words everyday. 

That's why I needed a new pencil ;)

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