Wednesday, May 26, 2010

time for an update

I know it's been a very long time since my last post. So what's been happening...? I started another scrappy quilt, I was hoping to have it finished for a market I did a couple of weeks ago for my Dad's goods but that wasn't to be. I really wanted to have it finished, sitting to the side and if anyone was interested I would have sold it. Some other time perhaps. Only a couple of new fabrics were purchased for this one, the rest were already in the stash. There's still quite a bit of hand quilting to go and I've almost finished sewing on the binding.

A few weekends ago I went away with my good friend Kylie for a little time away sewing, relaxing and shopping. We did some sewing, we did some shopping but not a whole lot of relaxing due to the mice situation at the house we were staying at. We set off on a saturday morning, stopped off at T'Gallant for a woodfired pizza which was delicious, bought a few bottles of Grace Pino Grigio 2008 which I would highly recommend - beautiful beautiful wine. (I'm no wine aficianado but I know what tastes nice). We covered all shops in Sorrento, some lovely homey shops with lovely things unfortunately the price tags weren't so lovely, they were rather steep. Nice to look anyway and get some great ideas. Goats cheese, olives, dip, lavosh, avocado, tomatoes, brie, bread & a vanilla slice was purchased for our dinner - what else do you need...

While we were sewing, eating & sipping the mice activity commenced, I don't know how many there were, but I'm guessing there were quite a few. One would come out of a kitchen cupboard, run behind the fridge then run into the laundry, then run back into the cupboard, then 2 mice would come out together and repeat, repeat, repeat, repeat. There were a few bottles of wine enjoyed between us, we were hoping the alcohol would numb the worry of the mice. It was just after midnight when the mice started to run from the kitchen, past us, to the lounge room that we thought it's time to go to bed - cheeky little ...............'s. The good news was that there weren't any signs of mice downstairs where the bedrooms were so we were able to sleep. We packed up in the morning rather speedily and had a really nice big breakfast in Blairgowrie. On the drive home we went along the coast (bay side) which was a nice change, I hadn't been that way in ages, it's usually the freeway. It was so nice to have a little break.

I've hardly bought any fabric lately, I guess I look at what I have and think 'I should use what I have first', feeling a little guilty. Below however, is some fabric that I couldn't resist, it's Nani Iro Fuwari Linen 2010 in natural from Matatabi. I just love it, I don't know if I'll be able to cut it.

Hopefully not too much time will pass before my next post.


  1. love the blog update - the new header looks really cool too. Always nice to read a new post from you - hope to see more. take care xx
    seen any of those little creatures lately????

  2. Agree with Kylie. New blog looks cool! Your weekend away sounded like fun, even if there were some uninvited guests! can't wait to see this new quilt. And be inspired of course. When are you guys coming over? Did Ben & Joe lock in a date? xx