Wednesday, July 14, 2010

very special stitchery

I was asked by my good friend Kylie to add to her '40 squares for 40 years' very special stitchery, I think it's a lovely idea - maybe I could do 50 for 50, I have missed the boat on the 40 for 40 - only just...
Kylie had done the first 2 squares, supplied all the materials along with a selection of threads and some brief instructions. The squares are 1.5", I have added some tiny fabric pieces - I know that someone is quite the fan of babushka dolls.

Thank you Kylie for including me in this project, I feel honoured to take part and I can't wait to see the finished piece.

I'll pop it in the post tomorrow.


  1. so so lovely, thank you xoxxoxoxoxoxo

  2. very nice. You SHOULD do a 50 of 50 - it will keep you busy for awhile that's for sure!