Wednesday, March 30, 2011

liberty :: binding

The quilting isn't quite finished, but I was in the mood to add the binding.  After a brief visit to Patchwork on Central Park on Sunday, I purchased some new Liberty for the binding for calico & linen .  I haven't been fabric shopping in a while and it was nice to see 'new' fabrics in store - so much Liberty.  I love the detail and colour in this one and of coarse the texture and feel.

A little splurge on Liberty for the binding will add a nice bit of life to this quilt.  There is a little left over for the stash, Liberty would never go to waste.

Now for more hand stitching...

I'm already thinking about what to do next, it's always a little depressing when a quilt comes to an end.  I don't know if I'm up for another quilt right now, I don't need another...


  1. lovely choice of binding - looks really nice with the Calico and Linen - you have a real eye for fabric choices. xxooo

  2. you could always sell one. they are so beautiful they will be snapped up!