Sunday, September 30, 2012

liberty & linen hexagons :: paper pieced

This was started back in 2009, I can't believe it was that long ago.  Over the last few months I've been working hard and enjoying every minute, it's amazing once you apply yourself how quickly it all comes together.

It is now almost 1.3m square, I had a moment of panic when my supply of cotton/linen mix diminished - I bought it years ago and  I thought I wouldn't be able to find any more.  Anyway I breathed a sigh of relief when I found it over here.  The colour match is not 100% but it's so close that after a wash or two I'm positive you won't be able to tell the difference.

I want to do another couple of rows, two maybe three or four, I am so looking forward to doing the quilting. Right now I'm thinking of linen thread a couple of mm around each patterned ring and also within the inner ring. It's possible I could change my mind, we'll see what happens.

The underside appeals to me too.

Along the way I have added some new liberty's, who can resist a little liberty...

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