Sunday, February 10, 2013

crochet :: washcloth

Found this a while ago over at the purl bee - Whit's Knits: Mother's Day Washcloths.  I purchased the yarn with the red thread wrapped around it from purl soho, I don't think they have it at the moment.  The plain cotton I just purchased locally.  It's a shame you can't find really nice yarns locally, of course you can buy them from overseas but once you add the shipping a little project just ends up costing too much.  I think at the time I bought the yarn with the red thread they had 25% off which made it okish - bundled with a few other things it was reasonable.  Anyway this was fun to make, I started yesterday and finished it today.

I used an 8ply 100% cotton for the plain section, maybe it should have been 10ply, it doesn't quite square up exactly with the red coloured lines.  (I'm no crochet expert, so not sure about that).

It could be too nice to use as a washcloth, I should probably make another one so I can use it...


  1. It is too nice to use - very cute :)

  2. You are very clever! we need to meet for Brunch - I will email you xxoo