Friday, May 29, 2009

a little sewing, a little knitting, a little tip

The scrappy (not so scrappy) quilt is coming along, I've finished all the blocks - 42 in total which will measure 8" square when all sewn together. At the moment I'm sewing the horizontal strips together, in between each block is either a 1.5" or 0.5" strip of cotton/linen blend fabric. I'm not sure of the spacing between the rows yet, I want to have a few random strips where I'd like to freehand quilt a few rows - we'll see how that goes...

I missed putting a piece of linen in the block below so it had to go on afterwards.

I love the nani iro fabrics, the linen with the writing on it is a scrap from a window covering (2.5 m hanging over a rod), the mint fabric has been in my stash for ages - I haven't made anything from it yet but I just wanted to put a snippet in this quilt.

I must admit that I made a block that I couldn't include and I had to un-pick a strip of another block and replace the fabric with another. I knew that if I didn't do those adjustments, when I'd look at the finished quilt I would be drawn to those 2 points and not be happy.
It is a time consuming process, but it's one I love.
Some knitting has also been going on (4 or 5 days/evenings), a scarf for my husband. There's nothing fancy about it, just knit one row purl one row but it is very warm and has been getting some good use of late.

I used these bamboo needles which were so nice to use, the wool & needles were from The Brighton Button Shop. The kiddies have now put in orders for a scarf each.

I learnt something last week, when hand sewing you should thread the needle with the thread as it comes off the spool, it's got to do with the way the thread is spun and how it should flow through the fabric. I was always threading the needle with the newly cut end - you learn something new everyday...

(The little gorilla was an addition to the photo by Ella)

These needles were recommended to me but one of the ladies at Amitie and they are great to use, nice and thin with good length. I use the green for piecing and the yellow for quilting.

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  1. i want a scarf too - haven't used my needles yet - but thank you so much for getting them for me.