Saturday, May 9, 2009

over the last week or so

Just an idea (I was bored at work, surely everyone has had a moment or two like that...)
Quick fix on a pair of old jeans Flip used to wear that had a hole at the knee, Bells picked the fabric from the stash - good choice I think.

I am attempting a scappy quilt, I'm not very good at 'too scrappy' I find it quite difficult. I want to limit myself to what I've got for the top, of course I'll have to buy the backing & binding. My only other rule I'm giving myself is to use a piece of linen in each block. I've admired other scrappy quilts I've seen in shops & mags etc. so I thought - why not, and the top isn't going to cost me extra dollars, you could say it's costing me 'zip' (it may have a while ago but that's not the point...) So I've cut out quite a bit, I don't think it's enough for a complete top but it will do for the moment. I'm working with widths of 2.5" and we'll see how it goes.

I know, it's not that scrappy, I will try harder...

maybe next time...

I went to a sewing class at Amitie Thursday evening with my friend Em where I did a couple of scrappy blocks, it was great to go out have a chat and sew and know that that was all you're going to do, it was lovely.


  1. clever chicky - I bet it looks great - it is amazing what you can make from your scraps.

  2. I say 'bend the rules' - you know you cant really do scrappy. Your quilts are just too damn pretty! Thanks for arranging the sewing class. I agree. It was so lovely to just chat and sew the hours away...