Wednesday, March 10, 2010

hand quilting job no.2 complete

Here is the 2nd hand quilting job complete for my friend Kylie, I've quite enjoyed the hand quilting, mostly due to the fact (as explained previously) - I'm just not feeling it lately. The creative juices are not flowing. I even went to a 20% - 50% off sale recently at Amitie and only purchased 1 fabric, some beautiful japanese printed linen which I'll share at some other point in time. I thought this would be nice for a library bag for Bells when she starts school next year. Usually this type of sale results in big dollars going down, lots of ideas and lots of excitement. Oh well - I guess I saved money.
I'm pretty sure that my stumbling block is a quilt I'm trying to finish off for Mum, I don't seem to be able to find fabrics to go with it. I suppose I'm finding it very, very difficult as they aren't my colours.


  1. another great job Lisa! I ventured on to Duckcloth recently and managed to throw some money at them. Not sure what to make yet either. perhaps we will have to chat and inspire each other over dinner this Friday. Assuming the boys let us get a word in that is :)

  2. Wow, what a beautiful quilt. For someone apparently lacking mojo, you sure know how to churn out beautiful work. x

  3. i love the circles, it looks so great - you know what this means - I (we) have to start working on number three! thank you so much - it is and you are so good!

  4. This is great! You did a wonderful job, and you have a wonderful blog. Thank you for sharing!