Sunday, March 21, 2010

a new doll for bells

This pattern was given to me as a gift, it's the poppy doll from hop skip jump. Rather than wool flannel which the pattern suggests I have used a cotton/linen blend in a neutral color. The reason for that is I didn't have wool flannel on hand - I had the cotton/linen blend. Wool felt is suggested for the hair, I have used wool of some sort - I had pink and green in my stash and the choice was rather simple for bells. The doll and dress took around 3 hours yesterday, the pattern was very easy to follow and I was happy with the result and so was someone else....

The head/neck section is set into the body and hand stitched in last, I've never made a doll in that way before - it gives a nice result I think. The material for the dress was chosen - it was to be a dress not a top as instructed by madam bells and no pants!

Late last night I wanted to make the pants, I found a little denim and there you have it - jeans for the new doll. I put them on her last night and when bells woke this morning she said "take them off, I don't like pants, she is wearing a dress!". Who am I to argue, maybe one day she'll get cold and she'll feel the need to wear jeans....
Tinkerbell, as she has been named has received lots of cuddles and has been part of group gatherings along with other select softies.

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  1. lisa, so lovely - I want to give her a cuddle - I must try too - I like pants off!