Monday, January 3, 2011

linen gift bag

It was my Mum's birthday on the 31st of December (Happy Birthday Ma!) so I did a little blackwork on some linen, I was pleased with the end result, very satisfying to sew.  I thought a little creativity should be put in as the gift was cash, very un-imaginative, but it was what was requested.

 a little card to go with it, and the little bird has been cut out of a paper bag from kikki k. the fabric is some double gauze that I hope to use in something one day - I couldn't resist it.


  1. lisa, that is so lovely - did your mum just love it????

  2. Dads birthday is this week and I too am giving cash, hope you don't mind if I borrow this idea and sew a little money purse for him as well.