Sunday, October 2, 2011

rainbow dolls quilt for bells

Would you like a hot air balloon or a rainbow on a dolls quilt?  That's the question I had for bells yesterday, needless to say she chose a rainbow.

I asked her if she wanted "this rainbow is for Ella" stamped across, she said "no that wouldn't be fair, put it's for our family, I want it to be for all of us".  Where does little girl sweetness come from?  It warms my heart.

This little draw string bag was purchased from a japanese shop, a short drive from where I work, everything is $2.80.  I can see this little bag in linen - it's on the to do list.

No posts in almost 2 months, then 2 in 1 day - what can I say, I found a moment...

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  1. oooh so lovely, good to see you back, bring it on Thursday for some inspiration..xxoo