Saturday, September 18, 2010

squares is finished

Squares is finished, it was a pleasure to make - completed last night.  The only fabric I purchased was for the binding.  Everything else as previously mentioned was from the stash, a dent has been made which I'm very happy about.  I decided against more quilting, I think it would have been too much - I'm really happy with the outcome.  The binding was hand finished, I did do stage 1 of the binding with the machine - the machine has this thing behind the foot which feeds the top at the same rate as the bottom making sewing several layers a breeze, no need for a walking foot.  No regrets at all about spending a little more on wool batting, I love the look and feel of the finished product.

I had a helper this morning, bells was keen to get the photos done so it could be put on her bed.  A happy little girl this morning when I told her her new quilt was finished.  "Hurry up mumma I need to put it on my bed now!"

and now flip would like a new quilt.....

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  1. Gorgeous!! I'm sure it will be loved for years to come. Better get cracking on the next one ;) xox